A prospecting legend and his hunt for treasure

He’s a legendary treasure hunter who has survived grizzly bear attacks in B.C. and a helicopter crash in Peru.

Along the way, he’s discovered 17 ore bodies, including Chile’s Escondida, the world’s largest copper mine. Another was Arequipa’s Pierina gold deposit in Peru, purchased by Barrick for about $1 billion.

“He” is David Lowell, the legendary mining explorationist featured in this 2010 Bloomberg story. His track record is remarkable, given that most prospecters never find anything economic.

And he’s still going strong, CEO.ca founder Tommy Humphreys discovered during a trip with his brother Adam to Lowell’s home base in Arizona, near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Here’s Humphreys’ video and writing on a prospecter who has hit paydirt time and time again.

David Lowell’s Midas touch


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